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Water First 💧

If you want to FEEL a difference in your overall wellness = commit to staying hydrated.

This small lifestyle habit can make you feel so much better.

I know it’s annoying to have to pee all the time (especially for us ladies) but it’s worth it to feel:

  • Energized

  • Alert

  • Clear headed

  • Limber and less achy

  • Less dry

  • A reduction in headaches

  • Improved bowel health

The Mayo Clinic recommends this minimum daily intake of water:

Women — 11.5 cups Men — 15.5 cups

Most people I know do not come close to meeting these recommendations.

How to get started?

Pick yourself up a clear, glass re-fillable water bottle, fill it up and bring it everywhere with you or keep it at your work station.

This way you can monitor how much you drink throughout the day (or use a glass jar - my current vessel).

Refill it once it’s done.

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