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5 ways to help manage stress

Gear Up

Oct 8, 2021

Here are 5 ways to help you manage stress and feel in control of your day.

Stress can come at you at any time. While it may be inevitable, it is also manageable. Here are 5 ways to help you manage stress and feel in control of your day.

1) Fit in your workout! It may seem obvious, but to many people, fitting in a workout can seem stressful in and of itself. With the many digital options that are available today, it has made “fitting it in” an opportunity and not a chore. At Gear Up, we have an abundance of options! Take a look at all our programs offered here:

2) Getting in your ZZZs! Many of us have trouble sleeping and that does not help manage stress. Try going to bed an hour earlier every night! Getting that extra hour of rest will help control anxiety and other anxious feelings.

3) Dial in the nutrition! Stress and anxiety can deplete us of our certain vitamins in our bodies. Incorporating a well-balanced diet will help not only your body, but your mind feel better and ready for combat.

4) Connect with others! It is important to feel connected to others and feel supported. Having a community is key when we are feeling overwhelmed. At Gear Up, we offer one-on-one coaching or group training, something for everyone if you will. We know that extra support and guidance goes a long way.

5) Learn a Mindful Practice that works for you! A quick 5-minute guided meditation is sometimes all you need to help you feel balanced and centered. Gear Up’s programs include resiliency training, breath awareness and meditation.

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