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Prioritize Your Sleep 😴

We all know what it feels like when we don't sleep well. The constant fatigue, the need to drink coffee throughout the day, the sugar cravings and irritability that creeps in.

It’s not sexy, fun or exciting but getting consistent, good quality sleep is one of the foundations of health and wellness.

As we move through the winter season when the days are shorter and darker, prioritize your sleep.

Aim for 8-9 hours a night.

One way to train your body is to keep your sleep times and wake times as consistent as possible.

This means going to sleep and getting up around the same time, even on the weekends.

Start by guarding your sleep like your life depends on it:

  • get off the screen(s) at least an hour before you climb into bed

  • keep your room cool

  • save the wine for the weekends

  • use a sleeping mask or blackout curtains

  • step outside for 20-30 minutes each day

  • pay attention to what you are eating during the day to help prevent early waking up due to blood sugar imbalances (a very common reason many women wake in the night)

You have the power to make these lifestyle shifts and to see the positive effects that comes from them.

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