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Stop eating 2-3 hours prior to going to sleep

This one is a game-changer for better sleep (and weight loss)!

This gives your body time to process your last meal (or snack) before you lie down.

This will result in:

⬆️ deeper sleep

⬆️ better rest and repair

⬆️ detoxification

⬆️ immune function

If you eat a big meal right before going to bed, your body has to use energy to digest and assimilate the food instead of focussing on cellular repair and detoxification.

Health benefits of allowing your digestive system to rest, especially during the night, include:

👍🏻 Decreased fat mass

👍🏻 Increased lean muscle mass

👍🏻 Decreased inflammation

👍🏻 Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity

👍🏻 Improved lipid profiles

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