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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You To Stop Worrying

One of the most powerful tools of mindfulness meditation is learning to listen to and understand the inner workings of our own minds. When we practice this form of introspection, science has shown that we develop characteristics such as greater patience, greater empathy, improved creativity and less reactivity among an almost endless list of health benefits.

Worry and anxiety are essentially mental processes that can overwhelm our awareness, often with unwanted negative thoughts, and unless we become aware of it and keep it in check, these thoughts can lead to chronic worry & stress. Mindfulness, like with so many other inner workings, makes it possible to quiet & even clear the not-so-useful mental habits that block us from experiencing the present moment.

Taking even 5-Mindful breaths can help disrupt these mental habits helping us experience greater ease and peace. Just gently focus your attention on the sensory experience of breathing while taking intentional deep breaths into your nose and breathing out through your mouth.

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