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Corporate Wellness Programs are a WIN-WIN!

Gear Up

Sep 16, 2021

With this past year behind us, it is evident that corporate wellness programs are a must for all companies; small, medium or large. It is WIN-WIN for both the employee and the company! Healthier employees are happier, which in turn, makes them more productive.

Why Choose Gear Up as your Corporate Wellness Program provider?
Physical Health in a digital world for “Work From Home” Employees

 35+ LIVE Online Fitness Classes Per Week
 1000s of fitness and wellbeing videos
 20+ world class coaches - local and bilingual
 Fitness on Demand - database of 1000s of videos by celebrity trainers
 Better Health Resources and content
 Challenges - fitness, nutrition, gratitude, mindfulness
 Beyond Team building amazing race, pub challenge, etc. 100s of Workouts - avatar led exercises and workout wizard.

Physical Health for employees who are onsite
 Strategic Planning
 Staffing and Facility Management
 Local and Bilingual Professionals
 Fitness Classes - all styles, all levels
 Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
 Mobility/Flexibility Sessions
 Fitness Facility Design
 Fitness Equipment Consultation and Supply

Mental Health – to help employees better manage stress
 Weekly Mindful Practice
 Calm & Strong Workshop
 Better Sleep Practice
 Meditations - LIVE & Recorded
 Resiliency and Return to Work
 Happiness Advantage
 Mindful Eating and Drinking
 Personalized Coaching

Companies trust Gear Up Professionals to deliver a
best-in class total wellbeing program.

Sign up to receive a complimentary
wellness audit and custom strategic plan for your business!

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