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Get a Clearer Picture of Your Health

Receive unparalleled insight into your current and future health risks based on your molecular data.

Identify early warning signs and receive actionable lifestyle interventions and personal coaching to help you live a longer, healthier life.

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Personalized Support


The next step on your assessment journey is to meet privately (online) with a health coach who will review your report and action plan and provide inspiration to help you take the necessary steps to improve your health.

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Get Started

Have questions? 
Speak to one of our specialists.


Get started with a SNAPSHOT Assessment Package which includes:

  • ​One MY sample kit


  • A personalized report which provides extensive insight into your current and future health risks.


  • A customized lifestyle action plan to guide you on the steps you need to take to improve your health. 


  • One private coaching session with a health coach.


  • One-month of access to the Gear Up all-in-one well-being app.

Precision Health

Molecular You analyzes your unique blood profile, so you can uncover what your body really needs in order to make impactful changes. 


Identify chronic diseases you’re at risk of developing.
Your unique health report shows you over 250 biomarkers, giving a complete overview of your health.

We give you the knowledge and guidance you need to make the best decisions for your health. 

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The Science

Based on a new type of multi-omic assay that measures 250+ blood biomarkers in order to spot signatures of disease risk much earlier.  

We can also identify diet, exercise and supplement recommendations that precisely target the issues that are driving your risk. 

As a result, our technology is preventative and actionable.  
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The Results

The data is quite compelling and clearly articulates our ability to reverse chronic disease trending.
Analysis of reports with multiple time points:

In total, we analyzed 3 longitudinal health reports from 325 individuals ranging in ages from 14 to 97 years old. 

128 males (39%) vs 197 females (61%)
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