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by KBM strategies

A Wholistic (whole body) Approach to Optimize Your Health

Are you actively working on improving your health and 
sometimes get frustrated or stuck?  Could you use some inspiration to help you get on a better health track?  If you answered yes to either scenario, we invite you to benefit from the teachings and guidance of world-renowned Performance Coach Jose Maresma!

This live course will inspire people of all ages and abilities to take action to boost their physical, mental, emotional and social health. Leave with a clear and actionable plan to start making small changes in the right areas, to reduce stress, sleep better, benefit from our environment, move consistently and take care of what nourishes us. 

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Our good habits not only help us live healthier lives, they allow us to THRIVE!

This course draws on training in Mindful Based Stress Reduction which has been clinically proven to reduce stress, and improve mental, emotional and physical health.The practice is very simple and easy to learn.

November 15th, 12-1pm  November 17th, 12-1pm 
Coach: Jose Maresma MSc. Language: English 
Access: Zoom
Cost: $54.95 tax inc.


Strive to Thrive
2 total hours - open to all


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Meet Coach Jose

Jose Maresma MSc., is a world-renowned exercise physiologist and elite performance & mindful coach with over 32 years of experience helping individuals live healthier, longer lives.  Jose specializes in the Neuroscience of behavior, behavior change, skill acquisition, positive psychology, performance-flow science, mental health & diet, sleep science & education, organizational communication & performance, and the science on happiness and Growth Mindset Training.


When You are at Your Best, you are

able to Give your Best!

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