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From Fitness Freaks to Gear Up for Fitness . . .

When I started this group on March 17th, 2020, AKA St-Patrick’s day, I never imagined that it would grow into something this amazing!  Instructors jumped at the chance to give their time and energy to help keep their participants connected in health. Members invited friends from across the globe and generously donated to our gofundme page to give back to the instructors.  Before I knew it, I was running my own on-line fitness club! Most importantly, I realized that what was created was an amazing community of people.  People who needed to stay fit and to stay connected to their favorite instructors, continue to do their favorite classes and even try classes they never would have done before, at least not in front of others!  


The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our world forever.  But what will never change is how important fitness and wellness are in our lives.  We have just had to find a new way to do it.  Many members have told me that this group has kept them “sane”. It has helped them get through the day.  Gotten them out of their comfort zone and most importantly, kept them feeling connected. I want to continue to do that for all of you and more.

As I began to think about how I could connect with members in other ways, support our amazing instructors and offer additional supportive tools, resources and programs, a friend reached out and suggested that I connect with a local wellness company,  KBM Strategies, whose owners Adam and Kelly, share my vision. The outcome...Gear Up For Fitness was born - an online community and platform loaded with fitness, wellness, mindful and nutritional support!  

I look forward to providing our members (our founding fitness freaks as well as new members) with the opportunity to continue on their fitness journey.


Yours in good health,


Jennifer Arditi


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