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Welcome to Gear Up

Gear Up is your all-in-one wellbeing hub offering actionable solutions and resources to help you make impactful changes to live your healthiest, longest life

Improve your health, take action and benefit from all
that is available to you from Gear Up: 

Your Molecular You package includes 4 months access to Gear Up

  • Fitness and wellbeing classes and events on demand. 20+ freshly uploaded digital fitness classes every week.

  • 1000s of fitness and wellbeing videos + Fitness on Demand

  • World class instructors and coaches 

  • Weekly Mindful Practice with Elite Mindful Coach

  • Weekly Meditations

  • Better Health Resources and Content

  • Challenges - fitness, nutrition, gratitude, mindfulness

  • Tracking food intake and meal plan

  • 100s of pre-designed workouts and the ability to customize your own with the workout wizard   

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