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FEBRUARY 2-16   
Start off the challenge with a LIVE Zoom lunch n' learn with Elite Mindful Coach Jose Maresma.  Feb. 2 @ 12:00-12:30
Then, begin your mindful practice with guided meditations and inspirational tips.  Recording and videos available on the 2nd - start when convenient for you/make your own schedule!

(Flexible schedule)

Learn how to best cultivate a mindset that will help reduce stress while increasing joy in your life.
Mindful Based Stress Reduction has been clinically proven to reduce stress, and improve mental, emotional and physical health.
The practice is very simple and easy to learn.

Here's a Sneak Peak!

Challenge Details

  • Access to 1 x 30-min. intro to mindful practice with elite coach Jose Maresma MSc.   

  • Access to 6 guided meditations (5-20 min.) and 4 mindful tips.       

  • Open to all members.

  • Group chat for encouragement and support.

  • Mobile app and web access.

Small actions can help you

reduce anxiety and boost mental resilience.

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Meet Coach Jose

Jose Maresma, Gear Up’s master mindful coach is certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Unified Mindfulness, and Mindful schools. Unified Mindfulness is currently the preferred mindfulness training curriculum in research because of the simplified and more accessible curriculum, as well as being based on the latest scientific research. UM is currently used at Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt and several other research institutions.  Jose specializes in the Neuroscience of behavior, behavior change, skill acquisition, positive psychology, performance-flow science, mental health & diet, sleep science & education, organizational communication & performance, science on happiness and Growth Mindset Training.


Free for Members

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