November 15 - December 15

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Sweat it out and
get fit for the holidays!

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Challenge details:

  • Access to 1 x 20-minute workout video every 10 days, for 30 days     (3 total).

  • Full access pass to Gear Up: fitness classes, meditations, custom workouts and more (see below).


  • Open to all ages and fitness levels.


  • Progress your workout to fit with your fitness level.


  • Challenge yourself in the safest possible way and get fantastic results!


  • Group chat for encouragement and support.


  • Mobile app and web access.


  • Flexible - choose the days and times that are convenient for you.

  • Free for Gear Up members!

Throughout the challenge you will also get instant access to all that a Gear Up membership has to offer:

  • 28+ LIVE VIRTUAL FITNESS CLASSES per week with 26 different class styles                 (everything from HIIT, Meditation, Tabata, Zumba, Box Fit and more)!

  • Weekly GUIDED MEDITATIONS with our elite MBSR Coach.


  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE - all live classes are recorded and stored in our database along with Fitness on Demand - a library of thousands of fitness classes taught by celebrity trainers.


  • A membership that extends to anyone in your HOUSEHOLD.


  • WORKOUTS - choose from our large database or create you own. Not sure what to do?  Our Workout Wizard can help!

  • A highly engaging APP for 24/7 access on your mobile or tablet to keep you engaged and accountable in our supportive community.​ Plus a NUTRITION app to keep track of what you eat on a daily basis and develops a MEAL PLAN.

  • MOBILITY / flexibility exercise videos.

  • MICRO WORKOUTS - only have 10 minutes?  Try one of our micro-workouts!  


  • Platform proudly created in Quebec, Canada!

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