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Optimize Your Health

Unlock your risks associated with chronic disease with a

dynamic biometric face scan using your device's camera! 


In a 30-second scan, you will receive a highly accurate picture of your health.  Knowledge is power - your results will highlight areas which you should focus on to optimize your health to live a longer, healthier life. 


Need inspiration and/or support to take action?  

Explore Gear Up - an expansive, curated library of on-demand wellbeing classes, meditations, articles, workshops and more! 

Included in the
Free 14-Day Trial: 

  • up to 5 face scans

  • access to Gear Up - an expansive, curated library of fitness and wellbeing videos, micro-learnings from health experts, workshops and more!

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Quick, non-invasive, highly accurate results.

Simple and effective health assessment that can be self-reported in the privacy of your home. 

Meet with a health coach to review your results. Receive guidance on lifestyle changes you can easily implement to improve your health. 

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What we measure:

Vital Signs:
Heart Rate
Blood Pressure
Irregular Heartbeat 

Disease Risks:

CVD Risk
Stroke Risk
Heart Attack Risk

Metabolic Disease 

T2 Diabetes

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