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Fitness Challenge

30-Days      November 1-30


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Once registered, click below to get started:


Two Challenges to Choose From


Fitness Challenge

2 spots remaining

Walking Challenge

How to Play

Play from ANYWHERE - outside, at home or at the gym!

Download the Bearn app today and enter your Gear Up access code when prompted.  Then, connect your health app (Apple Health, GoogleFit, fitbit, Samsung Health) to Bearn in order for us to start tracking your activity!

You can also use third party apps
(Strava, MapMyRun, My FitnessPal, etc.)
that sync with your health app to track your activity.  

Two ways to Play

Walk, Run or Workout and burn calories to win a cash prize. 
Top 3 participants in each challenge will win a cash
card of their choice.

(1st place $25, 2nd and 3rd place $10 each).

Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win!
(Mexico stay, AirPods, Ray-Bans, Cash Card)
You don't need to come in the top 3 to win a Sweepstakes prize.  Every participant has the chance to win!
"Buy" sweepstakes tickets with your Bearn Dollars - Bearn Dollars are accumulated in your "bank" for every calorie you burn.

The more calories you burn, the more tickets you can "buy" with your Bearn Dollars, the greater chance you will have in winning one of the 4 sweepstakes prizes!

Need Even More Motivation?

Spark your competitive spirit along the way by tracking your progress in relation to others by viewing the leaderboard.

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