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MARCH 10 - APRIL 3   

Try Something Different to Inspire and Challenge Yourself!

This 30-Day challenge is simple: Do three barre workouts a

week for 30-days. It doesn’t need to be a 30-40 minute workout,

we’ve got 15-60 minute workouts to choose from. You can do them whenever you want. For most workouts, you need a chair as the only piece of equipment.

Taught by 3 celebrity instructors - 

Frances Flores - professional dancer and celebrity trainer based in LA

Jeni DelPozo - competitive dancer and celebrity instructor from California

Kamilah Barrette - dancer, choreographer and actress from Washington, DC. Kamilah was one of the top six contestants on Season 1 of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance.

Here's a Sneak Peak!

Challenge Details

  • Access to 6 Barre workouts (delivery 3 / 2 weeks)   

    • 15-minute BarreSANITY

    • 30-min. Barre & Pilates Fusion

    • 30-min. Barre BootCamp 

    • 20-min. Lower Body Barre

    • 30-min. Barre Full Body Workout

    • 60-min. Barre Full Body Workout 

  • Open to all members.

  • Group chat for encouragement and support.

  • Mobile app and web access.

Embrace and love your body, it's the most amazing thing you'll ever own.

Free for Members

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